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Dragon Soul Naming Issues

May 13, 2012

We’re well into the doldrums of this tier, but this has been bugging me for a long time.  As someone who enjoys tanking for 5-mans, I thought I would learn raid tanking on the fly in LFR, except, well, no one talks in LFR for you to learn anything.  I quickly comprehended the idea of tank swapping, and multiple tank duties, but I was so early in my attempts that no guides existed yet for the encounters, just a couple forum posts here and there.  The problem that I ran into was mostly based on really horrible naming choices.


This guy, Warmaster Blackhorn, has some naming problems, not to mention graphic issues.  Goriana his mount casts Twilight Onslaught, which drops a big purple swirly on the ground, you need to stand in it.  But, the Twilight Drakes cast Twilight Barrage, which is also a purple swirly on the deck of the ship, though not as big, and no one else stands in these in LFR.  If you do, hats off to you for trying to save that ship.  When I get the swirlies confused and I’m down on health, I’m just dead.  So, to recap, you’ve got:

  • Twilight Onslaught
  • Twilight Barrage

You can’t keep these two abilities separate in your head based off of the names alone.  You have to deal with them based on big swirly, small swirly, and whether or not DBM is counting at you.  Screw around with your zoom mid-fight, and you’ll probably botch this.  I sure did.


Yeah.  Madness.  That was fun to learn.  So, the punch line here, as explained in the picture, is that your idea of nouns is completely incorrect.  That wiggly, red, probably-attached-to-a-cephalopod thingy that popped up behind you, that’s NOT a tentacle.  That’s a Mutated Corruption.  To be sure, it’s no ordinary corruption – that would just be a theoretical noun that you can’t look at and won’t require a tank swap.  But if it’s mutated, then you’ve got some game mechanics.

That arm thing, that looks like a perfectly normal part of Deathwing?  THAT’s the tentacle.  It’s a limb tentacle, even though it just looks like a limb.  Makes me wonder if I’m actually walking on two limb tentacles, and checking my iPhone regularly with my arm tentacle.

Good luck trying to study the mechanics of this fight from the dungeon journal.


No picture explaining the differences, and no handy screenshot posted online telling you to not bother tanking that “tentacle” you really care about the “corruption.” Sure, if I had been through the fight a few times and knew what the subtexts were referring to, no problem.  But at face value, these are very poorly named.

The Impale mechanic I also didn’t like, because what’s written there shows very little resembling the actual implementation.  Impale has a cast time.  Basically, the tank gets to know it’s going to spank him, in X seconds.  Is that mentioned at all in the text?  If you, as the second tank, taunt him during that casting period, does the Impale hit you instead?  The answer is “no”, but I’ve seen enough beginner LFR tanks claim not to taunt until after they’ve been impaled.  So, remember everyone, just read the Dungeon Journal, and you’ll have all the information you need!

My all-time biggest complaint regarding naming in Dragon Soul is this guy:Image

Fading Light vs Hour of Twilight.  They both mean the sun is setting.  They both mean it’s getting half-dark.  They even rhyme.  Entertainingly, these two mechanics have a cast time as well, and the fun part – the tank has to do exactly opposite things based on which of these nearly identically named actions is occurring.  The tank has to “stay in” for Hour of Twilight, but push the magic extra button for avoidance during Fading Light, if it’s on him.  On your first couple runs through this, it’s very annoying and confusing.  Afterwards, you think, “Soul Suck” would be a better name for one of them, at least it’d be something visually and phonetically different.

I’m definitely looking forward to some less Twilight Assaults (or Barrages, or Onslaughts, or Overkills, or Smackdowns, or…) coming from mutated limb tentacle corruptions in the next expansion.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll need to provide beta feedback though, or we’re going to get the same level of bizarre naming issues.


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