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A Bit About My Mane – er, Main!

May 20, 2012

Once again, Battle Chicken has thrown another challenge to the Newbie Blogger Initiative – tell me about your mane.  My mane is long, red, and a little unkempt.  I think it makes me look handsome and rakish.

While I’ve certainly played role-playing games in my life, I don’t view WoW as that sort of game, so I won’t be describing my main character in role-playing terms.  Sure, there are RP servers and perhaps some of them actually have RP moments, but I’m on a PvP server.  Not for any good reason, of course, other than some friends are PvPers and suggested I come over to their server.  Personally, I hate getting ganked, which seems to be the entire point of a PvP server.

Solajin is my main these days.  He’s a troll druid, with a habit of shapeshifting so often I rarely remember what his troll form looks like.  The guild Fire Trolls was started back in Vanilla, on Runetotem, as a collection of red mohawk trolls.  We had two shammies, a warrior, a priest, and a rogue that were all identical in appearance – at least face, hair, skin color, etc.  That’s clearly easier these days with the barber shop, but we actually rolled them and leveled them up as a team.  It was a group of real life friends, which is why we resurrected the guild on the PvP server of Dark Iron.  I’m still a Fire Troll, but swapped the mohawk for some dreadlocks.

I predominantly go cat if I’m soloing.  I’ll happily go bear, though, if I feel like I’m getting outnumbered, or a random Ally tries to gank me.  I really enjoy bear-tanking through the 5-mans (in Cata, I haven’t done much beta yet), and stay cat for LFR simply because it’s the easiest way to get through.  Besides, have you seen the queue the tanks have to stand in for LFR?  It wraps around the amusement park about eight times!

I hate fishing.  By the way, it makes no sense that a druid’s seal form can’t fish.  Actually, a bear should be able to fish as well, even the cat.  Why do I have to stand around in troll form for that?  When I was leveling fishing, I popped Leyara’s Locket and sat down on my mushroom chair for a while.  Now if only I could summon a cooler of beers, I might have more patience for it.

Early on while playing cat, I realized I was missing some of the rogue’s toolkit.  Particularly, Vanish.  A rogue can get out of trouble pretty quickly by vanishing and running off.  As a cat, if you start to get overwhelmed beyond your survivability cooldown, you can only shapeshift into bear.  That’s a lot like yelling, “Oh yeah?  I brought a bazooka!” in a spitball fight.

Being the type that enjoys escalating a fight, this makes me very, very, happy.  Once I discovered going bear was intentionally 50% of my feral spec, I was in heaven.  Now I had two full characters to learn, and a good deal of flavor change between them so that nothing really ever gets boring.  Toss in a secondary specialization (I sometimes try Boomkin), and now Solajin’s a very diverse character with a lot of choices in playstyle.

Beyond that, being a druid means I get to roll on just about everything that drops.  “Oh, you don’t have a use for that?  I’ll take it off your hands.”  As a casual player, the ability to gear up quicker is a very nice upgrade.  I’m very worried about Solajin’s quality of life when Monks hit the level 90 scene.  The joy of all-the-gear-is-mine is probably going to vanish.  Oh well, it was a good expansion to be a druid!

The hybrid playstyle is really fun, as there is little penalty for swapping across forms during combat.  This is changing in MoP, however, and as one of the bearcats of the world, I’m very sad to see it go.  The current Tier 6 talent options are not exactly enough to fill the gap in my killing spree the way the mechanics of Cata let me do it.  Hopefully it will work out.

Why did I pick a troll, after the Fire Trolls?  Well, as noted in another post, I really enjoyed the time I spent in Jamaica, so the accent makes me smile.  I also trained in capoeira for a couple years – which is how the trolls dance.  I’ve had three troll mains so far, and now I’m currently running a multitude of shaggy red manes regularly: cat, bear, cheetah, bat…

Still haven’t gotten that hat to drop!


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  1. battlechicken permalink

    Obviously, I have a soft spot for druids. I was actually just saying to someone the other day that looking at the troll druid cat form made me wish a little that I could be a troll sometimes! Catbears everywhere are lamenting the loss of their ability to switch back and forth and be so effective, but I’m sure you’ll still be a formidable–and very stylish–foe. 😛

    Thanks for the reply!

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