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Glyph of Bunnies

June 5, 2012

(It’s the glyph on the left.)

It’s not exactly Glyph of Bunnies, but us Druids got an… odd… new glyph on the Mists of Panderia beta.  As you can see from the tooltip, it allows us to “befriend” a woodland creature which follows us around for an hour.  The idea is that you get a cute non-combat pet.  I’m pretty sure I can’t pet-battle it, but I’m not level 90 to double-check that.  If you’ve been reading anything around here, you can probably guess that this isn’t a glyph I’ll be packing once things go live.

As a bear/cat/feral/guardian, I’m pretty sure I’m not the kind of guy some sweet, innocent little doe is going to want to hang out with, even if I shoot them full of druidy friendliness.  I’m pretty sure devastating villages with a little white dove following me is only going to get applause from fans of Mission:Impossible 2.  No… I need to find little forest critters that are my kind of style.

There’s a really unique place northwest of Thunder Bluff in Mulgore.  If you haven’t been there before, you’re in for a real treat.  It’s way off the map, you’d never bother going there if no one told you about this bizarre occurrence out there.  My friends and I are still trying to piece together the reference that’s being made, to date the best I’ve got is it’s maybe a nod to an old pen-n-paper RPG named “Wabbit Wampage.”

Out here, the forest animals mutate into armed combatants that go kill each other.  Yes, I’m serious.  I love this place!  There are three tribes, rabbits, prairie dogs, and mice.  Sometimes none of them are mutated, sometimes the bunnies go killer, sometimes it’s the other guys.

With my fancy new glyph in hand, I thought I’d go see what kind of friends I could find, that may actually stick around for my typical behaviors.

Axe Bunny

First up:  a rabbit.  Not a great screenshot, and that’s one big rabbit.  For some reason they were especially sized up when I got there.  They come in a few colors, and the axe looks like it was stolen from an Orgrimmar caravan.  It’s blade has a lot of leading-edge spikes, and a painted, Thunder Bluff looking handle.  As you’d imagine, he hops around.

“I cut you.”

This cute little guy sports a single-spike helmet and wields a small knife.  He likes to wash his face a lot, which results in him rubbing the knife all over his face like a psychopath.  Looks like we’re stepping up in the world.  Sadly, I happen to know for fact that there’s one better, it just took me a while to catch him:

My new friend!

Yep.  He’s wearing a skull for a helmet, and the jaw’s cracked open.  He’s dual-weilding two double-barrel flintlock guns.  I think we have a winner!  He’s even very animated, pacing back and forth waving his guns wildly, and pausing to sniff the air.  This little guy is awesome.

Now, before you head off to Stonetalon Pass to grab your own, there’s a few things you need to know:

  1. Sometimes they change back to normal, tiny, cute form while you’re casting on them.
  2. You do have to select the critter, then cast the spell.
  3. Once they’re marked as your minion (see above screenshots), they follow you around, only if you’re on foot!
  4. Mounting makes them vanish.
  5. Swift flight form maybe didn’t make it vanish, but once I flew over the cliff I lost the critter.
  6. You can still make this enjoyable and show it off a bit, by walking him down into Thunder Bluff, and taking the zep back to Orgrimmar.  Since that zeppelin ride doesn’t phase-out and show the Indiana Jones dotted path on the map, you can bring your new friend all the way to Orgrimmar, even without mounting or flying, and it doesn’t take as long as walking.

Even the mice in Org are mean.

Sadly, some other weird effect knocked him off of me shortly after this screen shot.  Some spell effect came flying out of nowhere and healed me, which in turn made my little bandito mouse vanish.

I hope you enjoy seeing what appropriate friends the new glyph has to offer, and maybe you won’t instantly dismiss it.

Please post a comment if there are more stylishly vile critters out there!


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  1. The best I can think of are those creepy bunny rodent things that are in the Pandaren starter area. They are definitely not as awesome as a shotgun wielding rat, though!

    • I’ve been out there a couple times, and didn’t spot one of those. I’ll have to look! And I’d better go vote on your trashy transmog contest before it’s too late…

  2. LOL that’s cute! I must have that 😀

  3. I was wondering if that glyph would work with those guys. Psyched to see that it will!

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