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Little Guy Run

June 11, 2012

Daddy made me wear this.

As a parent who plays games, sometimes I make mistakes.  It happens, and honestly I think every parent does something they wish they hadn’t done.  Where gaming and parenting collide, however, I think is usually too funny not to share.

I think the first time I heard my daughter say “Orgrimmar” at the dinner table I spat my food out.  I wasn’t expecting that one!

I try to not set a bad example, and tend to only play when the kids are either asleep or napping.  As a word of advice, when the kid is old enough to get out of their bed when nap is over, they will catch you playing.  Don’t play during their naps.  You will get caught.

When my daughter first caught me playing World of Warcraft, I showed her how you push the arrow keys and that makes the little guy run around.  I think I was just running dailies in Org, nothing spectacular, but she was having a great time watching, so I just let her sit with me for a bit.  From then on, she referred to the game as “Little Guy Run.”  And to be fair, that’s really what most of the game is:

Need to go somewhere?  Little guy runs.

Standing in poop in a fight?  Run, Little guy, run.

Mobs coming after you for digging up bones in their backyard?  BEAR KILLS ALL.  Yeah, that didn’t go over so well.  We returned to more peaceful activities.

She enjoyed touring through all my mounts, but mostly loved the Preserved Holly turning my time-dragon into a flying reindeer.

She loves all the non-combat pets, but I think Mr. Chilly holds a special place in her heart.  She’s pretty fond of most of the druid forms, although doesn’t really like to settle on any specific form.  “Turn into a cat.  No, the other cat.  Now turn into a bat.  Go back to a bear.  Now the other cat.”  I’m sure she’s going to love the new Glyph of Random Haircolor coming in Mists.

As for things to do in the game, she’s pretty happy watching the cooking dailies.  She likes a lot of the exploration, and I went on a few pet-purchasing trips with her (I was never going back to Netherstorm without some serious encouragement).  As you can probably guess, she’s caught me playing quite a few times now.

But of all the times we’ve done peaceful activities in Azeroth, the one piece that I feel sorta bad about is that I taught my four year old how to fish.  Not because she was really interested in it, but because I had to level fishing and I really hate fishing in this game.  So… I got a helper.  I’d cast, and she’d watch the bobber and then click if it moved.  I leveled way too much fishing from her doing all the work.  The real kicker there is that I was leveling it up so I could make Agi food for my feral.  Turns out I’m also a scribe – I could make Fortune Cookies the whole time.

So… what about you?  What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done with your child while playing Little Guy Run, or any MMO?


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  1. I make a motion that we all refer to “World of Warcraft (WoW)” as “Little Guy Run (LGR)” henceforth.

  2. LOL what a great post Khuruuk! My daughter loves to watch me play and loves to run my character around. Sometimes she won’t go to bed and it’s raid time and she’s sitting on my lap. She has entertained the raid sometimes while in a boss fight yelling “Mama, don’t stand in the fire!” Which of course makes me the butt of many jokes because even my daughter knows not to stand in the fire and sometimes I’ve not noticed I’m in it because i’m looking at health bars.
    Probably the most odd thing she says is when we go out and she sees red writing, and she’ll say “The red ones are bad, you have to kill them!” because I have told her not to go near mobs with red names because they will attack you.

    • Hahaha! That’s so awesome, I’ve been chuckling about this since you posted. Thanks for sharing, Navi!

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