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Hi, this is Khuruuk, and welcome to Casually Vicious, an MMO gamer blog.  I play a feral druid in WoW, which I’ve been playing since late Vanilla, but only started my druid in Cata.  I sometimes try my hand at SW:TOR’s Jedi Shadow.  As a druid I tank heroics, and go DPS for LFR.  I’m usually quite bloodthirsty in my play style.  I’ll be rolling a Witch Doctor when the maw of hell opens on May 15th. Stealth, fear, and giant poison frogs?! Sign me up!
I decided to start a blog from the Newbie Blogger Initiative, mostly because the content I was reading regarding my class was presented from a raider perspective. While I like the blogs I read and the Podcasts I follow, I wanted to have a platform to provide another viewpoint that (to me) seems pretty overlooked, despite being a much larger slice of the player base in WoW.
I’ll be covering tanking, killing – oh yes, all kinds of killing! – some crafting, class-specific discussions, game design commentary, and whatever else related that crosses my mind when I get a chance.
You can reach me at, and @khuruuk on Twitter.  My battletag is Khuruuk#1578.  In Warcraft, I’m Solajin on Dark Iron-US-H as my main, and Khuruuk (a Jedi Shadow) on The Bastion in SW:TOR – but I’m rarely on that these days.

I hope you enjoy.  Suggestions / criticisms / RTFM are always welcome.



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