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We’re Moving!

March 6, 2013

Hi everyone!  Pack your bags, people, we’re outta here.

I finally reached a breaking point with the free hosting provided by wordpress, and have decided to move my site to its own hosting, .  Please update any of your page links, RSS feeds (no idea if that actually is necessary or not). Or, y’know, subscribe to the new RSS feed over there, or drop by from time to time.

There’s a post over there explaining why, but the quick answer is that the too-many-posts on the front page was driving me up a wall, and made me stop blogging until I could figure out a solution.  I still don’t have a solution that’s done, but I’m hopeful I can accomplish it now.

This will be the last post I make on this site.


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  1. Have you considered Safe Shark Hosting? They’re really helpful to the wow podcasting community (Something Suggestive, Realm Maintanance, Gchat, Middle Finger Podcast, SheepMoon) and with some packages as low as free it’s a great deal

    Disclosure: I’m a SafeShark customer, but found it through Rho and Jan

  2. I actually did move to SafeSharkHosting! You didn’t click the link, did ya? 😉 I’ve got a “We’ve Moved!” post over there explaining a bit more. I wasn’t expecting to do such a quick turn-around on a second post.

    Yes, I noticed a lot of the recommendations were from the WoW community. Vitaemachina was very helpful getting everything set up, I’m really happy with them.

    I’m getting the feeling I should force-redirect from this wordpress site to the new location – I thought I’d be civil and leave this where it is, but I may need to do the clean break instead.

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